An invite-only event for enterprise leaders and dealmakers

The Rock Health Enterprise Insights Forum is a one-day event focused on demystifying AI and machine learning in healthcare. This invitation-only gathering bring together senior leaders from major healthcare companies along with select investors, academics, and startup founders. Powered by Rock Health's research and community, the Enterprise Insights Forum explores best practices, delivers practical tools, and disseminates useful information to industry leaders. It's a day of dialogue and networking around a focused topic. Tickets start at $850.



dive into the topic of AI and machine learning in healthcare

While AI/ML are critical tools for solving big problems in healthcare, we’re concerned by hype causing confusion in the space, and by solutions being developed without sufficient regard for their efficacy and business value. We’ll build on our recently launched white paper, Demystifying AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare, and offer perspective on what the launch point of AI in healthcare really is—where it’s ripe for use, and where we won’t see movement for years to come.

Attendees will come away with:

  • An evaluation framework for AI/ML algorithms
  • Understanding of the major venture trends in AI/ML-powered digital health companies
  • Tools to manage major threats to adoption and scale
  • Practical guidance for overcoming hurdles such as dealing with dumb and dirty data, incorporating AI into an enterprise business strategy, and navigating regulatory uncertainty
  • A new network of companies and academics with the most promising solutions

Read our blog post about the report—and for full access to all of our research (including our proprietary funding database of every digital health deal since 2011), get in touch.


about the forum

who's attending?

We encourage healthcare executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and academics who are interested in this space to attend—whether you’re actively working in AI/ML or simply need to learn about the tangible applications for your business. We look forward to having you join us. Request an invite.

our mandate is impact

Our mission at Rock Health is to make healthcare massively better for every human being. The Enterprise Insights Forum will support business leaders at the forefront of healthcare through our in-depth research and actionable insights to help navigate the most topical challenges impeding healthcare innovation.


Get involved

Are you or your company interested in getting involved as more than just an attendee? Rock Health is pleased to work alongside like-minded sponsors and speakers to contribute to the event. You’ll be an integral part of our external efforts while gaining unparalleled access to fellow attendees and industry leaders, high caliber exposure for you and your brand, and insights from the forefront of healthcare innovation.

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The Rock Health Enterprise Insights Forum is put on by Rock Health, the first venture fund dedicated to digital health. Each year, Rock Health events draw hundreds of innovative thinkers across healthcare, technology, venture capital, and beyond to confront the most challenging dilemmas in healthcare—and uncover new solutions. Our goal is to connect and educate the individuals and enterprises committed to advancing impactful innovation.