The Rock Health Enterprise Insights Series brings together the healthcare innovation ecosystem to help enterprise leaders navigate their most pressing business challenges. Held across the US, these curated events feature the latest insights from Rock Health research, facilitated networking opportunities, and strategies for overcoming barriers to innovation and partnering with digital health startups.

The 2019 Series will explore how traditional healthcare business models are increasingly under pressure—and what steps leaders can take today to stay ahead of the curve. From competitive new entrants and consumer demand to regulations and reimbursement, we’ll dive into the forces pushing incumbents to innovate toward a new value-based paradigm. Each event will focus on a different subtopic, featuring experts’ perspectives and tactics on incorporating impactful technologies into their businesses.

The Enterprise Insights Series is coming to Boston, New York City, and Washington, DC in Spring and Summer 2019. Interested in attending—or want to see your city on the list? Let us know.




For too many patients, the healthcare system is broken. Care is expensive, inconvenient, and inconsistent in delivering results.

For enterprise, the business of healthcare is breaking, too. Traditional healthcare business models are under pressure from competitive new entrants, regulations and reimbursement, consumer demand, and disruptive technologies. Hospitals are squeezed to do more with less and align care delivery with value, life sciences companies are navigating responses to solutions pushing beyond “beyond the pill,” and self-insured employers (now collectively the largest payer in US healthcare) are forming novel partnerships in an effort to curtail healthcare spending. Meanwhile, medical device companies and health insurance companies are facing heightened competition from digital-first newcomers.

Rock Health is committed to catalyzing change—and helping incumbents innovate toward a new value-based paradigm.

The 2019 Enterprise Insights Series will focus on two key topics:

  • How specific incumbents are re-imagining their existing business models to thrive in this new reality, and the role digital solutions play in accelerating this shift.

  • How organizations can become more agile and proactive to swiftly respond to competitive threats, market opportunities, and new technologies—looking at how others have built competencies for innovation that leverage internal ideas, vendors, and the startup ecosystem.



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why attend


These events leverage Rock Health research to offer a perspective on the most pressing challenges facing healthcare businesses. You’ll have an opportunity to engage directly with thought leaders, participate in interactive programming, and ask the tough questions that are top of mind for you and your business.


Don’t expect to just exchange business cards and handshakes. We keep these events small and intimate to facilitate meaningful connections with fellow business leaders, dealmakers, and startup founders. We encourage healthcare executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and academics to attend. Sound like you? Let us know if you’d like to attend.


If your organization is interested in collaborating with us on the 2019 Enterprise Insights Series, we'd love to hear from you. Send us a note to learn more.



The Rock Health Enterprise Insights Series is hosted by Rock Health, the first venture fund dedicated to digital health. Our mission is to make healthcare massively better for every human being. Each year, Rock Health events draw hundreds of innovative thinkers across healthcare, technology, venture capital, and beyond to confront the most challenging dilemmas in healthcare—and uncover new, tech-forward solutions. Our goal is to connect and educate the individuals and enterprises committed to advancing this impactful innovation.