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GSK Pharma R&D
Senior Vice President, In silico Drug Discovery

John Baldoni Headshot.jpg

John Baldoni is Senior Vice President, In silico Drug Discovery, in GSK Pharma R&D. This department will use in silico methods to identify patient needs, explore molecular interventions to address those needs and design and conduct clinical trials to test the medical hypothesis.  Using these methodologies, the conventional empirical design make test cycle will be dramatically reduced. The intent is to discover medicines at higher velocity, with greater precision and at dramatically lower cost compared to current approaches.  

Prior to this, John was Senior Vice President, Platform Technology and Science (PTS), in GSK. The work of PTS span the entire drug discovery and development process, from preclinical activities leading to clinical candidate selection through commercial launch. This accountability covered the discovery and manufacture of small molecules, biopharmaceuticals, and cell and gene therapies.

John joined GSK in 1989 and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 37 years. His experience spans new chemical entity design, development and commercialization, and biopharmaceutical development. In progressing to his current role, John has held various positions at GSK including Senior Vice President, Preclinical Development; Vice President, Product Development; Director, Product Development; and Assistant Director, Biopharmaceutical Formulation Development, among others. He has led several key cross-functional strategic initiatives, such as advanced manufacturing technologies and discovery modernization.

John has a BS in biochemistry (1974), and MS and PhD degrees in chemistry (1980) from Penn State University.